3 Reasons You Should Care About Politics and Government

As an American Government Teacher at Grantham, I’m commonly asked by others, “Why should I be interested in national politics as well as government?”

As somebody who has invested many years researching as well as writing on the subject, I recognize that, to some, it’s not the most glamorous of topics.

Integrate this “boring element” with the recurring environment of resentment, questionable subjects and also combative media attention regarding government, as well as you have a population which is generally disengaged.

While I understand why some may be apathetic towards this subject, I want to share three reasons why people ought to be interested in national politics and government.

1. Federal government and national politics effects almost every facet of our lives.

Whether we like it or not, federal government plays a massive function in our daily lives, ranging from the quantity of tax you pay for your morning coffee, to the types of light bulbs you’re enabled to purchase.

Considering that we understand that government impacts numerous selections we make, why not take the time to understand just how the process works? Who makes these regulations and just how do they affect me?

Having this understanding can help you figure out the best course of action on your own and also your household, concerning a wide variety of concerns. (The majority of which are more important than your coffee and light bulbs.).

2. Having knowledge of politics helps make you an informed voter.

It’s a well known truth that many Americans do not vote. In fact, a current PBS newspaper article discovered than although the polls got document voter turnout throughout the 2016 presidential election, these totals still only amounted to 58% of qualified voters.1.

For those who do ballot, I believe it is essential to visit the surveys equipped with the truths. Whether you’re electing Head of state or voting on a regional ballot initiative, having the realities helps you make a notified choice on the problems.

This isn’t to claim that it’s necessary to check out every news article concerning a problem or enjoy every tv meeting with a prospect, but doing some independents research can provide you peace of mind that you’ve done your homework before casting your tally.

3. Politics is amusing.

While it could not be as enjoyable as going out with your good friends on a Friday evening, politics can be fairly fun. An example of this is political elections. My initial memory of “amazing” national politics was the recount of 2000.

I remained in Middle school, and also I recall being captivated by the procedure. Elections come with everything from the drama of projects flourishing as well as falling down, to enjoying different “adverse” project advertisements.

Being a spectator of it can be amazing. Is my candidate in advance in the polls? What was their most current blunder? Just believe, this fun only happens throughout election period. Nevertheless, vigorous discussions with family and friends concerning the present hot-button political issues can occur any time! Who does not like a good political scandal.

While I do not expect everybody to rush out and also become members of the American Political Science Organization, think about taking time this year to look up from the numerous hours of life and analyze what’s going on around you!

We wish to know: Do you focus on politics? Show to us in the remark section below!

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